Call Script Women’s Agenda

“Hi, my name is [ x ] and I am a constituent and supporter of women’s equality and opportunity. Along with many other equal-rights advocates across the state, I am calling to ask for your support of Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Opportunity Agenda in the 2018 budget. While the federal government seeks to roll back women’s rights, we need to prioritize women and girls and create opportunity for them to succeed in every area: work, health, safety, education, and family life. Among the many important initiatives, the Opportunity Agenda provides:

– By passing the Equal Rights Amendment to add sex as a protected class
– Removing firearms from domestic abusers after a criminal conviction or order of protection has been obtained
– Ending sextortion (a type of exploitation that involves either coercion or to extort sexual acts from the victim or use of sexual images or video)
– Extending the storage timeline for forensic rape kits in hospitals from 30 days to five years.
A Bright Future for our Girls
– By creating a healthy-relationships learning module for youth in K-12 with the collaboration of our Department of Education and Department of Health AND
Providing a Supportive Work Environment
– We can begin by closing the gender wage gap and combating sexual harassment in the workplace starting with the New York State government.

On behalf of all us in the Mohawk Valley, I hope we can count on the [Assemblyman’s]  [Senator’s] support of women and girls in the 2018 budget.

Thank you