Purple Purse Challenge 2017

We are On A Mission to raise $1,000 by October 24th.
If we can make this goal, YWCA Mohawk Valley will be placed
in a drawing to win an additional $3,000!
PPC Purse

You are just a couple of steps away from providing hope and helping to transform the lives of people right here in the Mohawk Valley. Click on the link below to get started!


You may be a victim of financial abuse IF:

  • You’re not allowed to work.
  • You’re not allowed to attend college to advance your career.
  • You have to hand over your paycheck or any income generated in your name.
  • You’re not allowed access to bank accounts or cash.
  • You’re not allowed to spend money.
  • You have to show receipts for every penny spent.
  • Large debts are run up in your name.
  • Your partner applies for credit in your name.
  • Your partner refuses to pay bills in your name and ruins your credit.
  • You aren’t paid for working in the family business.
  • You are not allotted money for medicine, food, clothing, or basic necessities.
  • You are given gifts and then expected to give something or do something in return.
  • You are the only one who works, but you have no access to the money.

If you relate to any of this, you could be a victim of financial abuse.

Give our 24/7, free, confidential Hotline a call at 315.797.7740.