Financial Abuse

You may be a victim of financial abuse IF:

  • You’re not allowed to work.
  • You’re not allowed to attend college to advance your career.
  • You have to hand over your paycheck or any income generated in your name.
  • You’re not allowed access to bank accounts or cash.
  • You’re not allowed to spend money.
  • You have to show receipts for every penny spent.
  • Large debts are run up in your name.
  • Your partner applies for credit in your name.
  • Your partner refuses to pay bills in your name and ruins your credit.
  • You aren’t paid for working in the family business.
  • You are not allotted money for medicine, food, clothing, or basic necessities.
  • You are given gifts and then expected to give something or do something in return.
  • You are the only one who works, but you have no access to the money.

If you relate to any of this, you could be a victim of financial abuse.

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