The Silent Witness Project is a national initiative memorializing those that have died as a result of domestic violence.

The YWCA Mohawk Valley began an Oneida County version of the project in 2006 with a wooden silhouette representing Katie Humphrey, a niece of a YWCA employee who was murdered by her partner.

Since then the collection has grown to include:
Jodi Connor of Little Falls
Bonnie Bohling of New Hartford
Melissa Baker of Utica
Kristin Longo of Utica
Eithen Theall of Vienaa
Lisa Guzzardo of Westmoreland

In 2013, we introduced a banner stand version of the project. Each stand is 83 inches high and 31 inches wide and features life-size red silhouettes and information about each individual.

Why we do it
Murder is the ultimate threat abusers use to intimidate, frighten and control their victims. Our community has experienced too many domestic homicides. Our goal is to raise awareness about the devastating impact of domestic violence and prevent further deaths.

Submit a name
Our Silent Witnesses have been created with permission from the victims’ families. Do you have a loved one you would like to honor? To add someone to the exhibit, please contact Kristie Cieslak, Assistant Director of Non-Residential Crisis Services: (315) 732-2159 ext. 230 or e-mail