YWCA Mohawk Valley Timeline


1870               July 11 – Organized as Christian Women’s Association with 52 members. Mrs. P.H. Fowler, wife of the late Rev. PH Fowler of the First Presbyterian Church, served as the CWA’s first president. Their goal was to provide a boarding house for young women moving to the city to start an independent life.

1884               May 1 – Reading Rooms at 5 Devereux Street opened

1884               Sept. 1 – Celebrated 14th anniversary, 21 Court Street, Utica

1884-87         YWCA relocates to 35 Charlotte Street, Utica

1885               Constitution and Bylaws adopted in May Women’s Class & Reading Room operating at 5 Devereux Street to become official program of YWCA.

1885               YWCA becomes YWCA and so the WCA continues to operate as member of the nationally organized YWCA.

1885 – 1904 Amelia H. Sheffield serves as first president of the Young Women’s Christian Association.

1886                White Lily Band formed for girls 10-15 years old

1887                Mutual Improvement Society organized for girls over 15 years old.

1887-1892      YWCA relocates to 35 Devereux St., Utica

1889                Rented rooms at YMCA building on Charlotte street with a separate entrance

1891                Gifted a $10,000 building on the lands where the Industrial Home stood. Gift given in memory of Georgia Porter, by her mother.

1892                Reading room locates to Georgia Porter Memorial Building, 323 Court Street

1892                Name changed from “Women’s Class & Reading Room” to “Working Girls Club”

1894                Susan B. Anthony spoke in Utica (Clippings 1884 -1924 book)

1898                October 8 – First Executive Director, Miss Ella P. Morrison

1898               Camp Als Ikh Kan established (to be named that at a later date)

1901                Program offering 10 cent suppers for girls working in stores on Saturday nights

1904                October 5 –  Set date to vote to incorporate as Nov. 5, 1904

1904              November 5 – Voted for incorporation

1904              November 19 – Incorporation official

1904              Moved to 16 Hopper Street (picture in book marked “1884-1904”)

1904              First Boarding Home for ten girls

1904              Traveler’s Aid Program started

1905               Teacup Inn opened, provides meals to women and jobs for Y members

1906                Camp named as Camp Als Ikh Kan at Brantingham Lake opens officially

1910                Moved to 264 Genesee Street (J.M. Crouse Residence)

1911                Mortgage Papers Burned – YWCA free of debt

1916               La Tosca Club – Industrial girls club formed

1916               May – Purchased Curtis Dancing Academy Building on the corner of Aiken and Cornelia Streets.

1916               Sold Genesee St. building

1916              230 members

1917             February 23 Dedication of 1000 Cornelia Street (book labelled 1916 – Present)

1917             March 2-9  Whirlwind Campaign to increase membership

1917             1663 members (Full candle light Initiation service for new members)

1917            Cornelia Street building – Humphrey House opened to serve as residence for 41 girls.

1917 – 1940s   Girls Reserves started.

1922                Pool opened

1927-1934      Numerous programs for unemployed girls

1930s              Focus on Healthy women and fitness programs

1941                Dances for Service Men offered in conjunction with YMCA, NYA and Jewish   Youth Council

1944                Retired mortgage on Cornelia Street building

1940s              1980s  Y Teens, Y Girls Programs offered

1954                April, Y Guys added for boys in the area who have no place they could meet for any kind of activity. (Annual Report, 1955)

1955                Celebrated their National Centennial

1958                First phase of Cornelia Street building renovation started

1959                First phase of renovations completed

1967                Largest single effort made in area of racial integration and social isolation with     detached workers program and day camp for 35 local children.

Teen “mixers” for older teens and college students held.

Business and Professional Club, Y’s Investors, Thursday Fun Club, Monday Forum

1976               Camp Als Ikh Kan at Brantingham Lake closes

1977                Sexual Violence Hotline offered, run by trained volunteers

1981                Hall House, first Domestic Violence Shelter in Oneida County, opened following bequest from Dr. William Hall.

1982                SV Hotline becomes official program of YWCA in Oneida County (1988 Annual Report)

1989                Feb 1 – 24- Hour hotline and Rape Crisis Services opens in Herkimer County

Spring – First Salute to Outstanding Women (1988 Annual Report)

1993                Heston Foundation established. YWCA MV provides housing to homeless youth through the New Horizons program.

1996                SV and DV services merged to become one 24-hour hotline for victims of sexual assault and familial violence.

1997                Established only court advocacy initiative in Oneida County, aiding victims of domestic and sexual violence in family and criminal court proceedings.

2001                Lucy’s House opened in Rome, as a safe dwelling for victims of domestic      violence.

2001-2004      Willow Commons Opened

2005                YWCA MV merges with New Horizons program.

2008                New Horizons Plus program formed.

2011                Pool closes

2013                Exterior Refurbishment of 1000 Cornelia St. – YWCA MV Sign erected

2014                Mayor’s Gala honoree

2015                Cornelia Street 3rd floor renovations to kitchen

2016                Renovations to Cornelia Street studied.

2017                August – First male ever elected to YWCA board in NYS elected to YWCA MV board (Matthew Grove)

2017                September – YWCA MV awarded $3.14 million conditional grant for Cornelia Commons proposal for of 30 DV housing units.

2017                October – YWCA MV participates in nationwide 30th commemoration of DVAM – Domestic Violence Awareness Month

2017                November – YWCA MV moves to Rutger Street location